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One of the things the Swedes are most proud of is nature and the country's right of common - the right for everybody to responsibly, wander pretty much everywhere in the country. Sweden is...

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Queer Ungdomsgård

RFSL Sjuhärad’s queer youth center! Open every second Friday, 15.00-19.00!...

Bee Bar

BEE KÖK & BAR - the natural meetingplace for the gaypeople in Gothenburg....

Testpoint Örebro

Drop In HIV test Thursdays 16.30 - 19.00

Posithiva Gruppen

Meeting place for gay and bisexual HIV+-men.


Norrmalms Mass Every Sunday the RainbowMass will be held with communion at...

Stockholm Frontrunners

STOCKHOLM FRONTRUNNERS: (English) Stockholm Frontrunners is a running &...

Whippet Lab & Social Justice Club

...is Sweden's first social justice restaurant/bar. A unique blend of...

Inés Belli – Workshop

Dance workshop with Inés Belli


Otherworldly digital concerts festival

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