The tattoo artists at StaDemonia -Soledad Aznar, Sara Swanson, Alex Cfourpo, León Halldén, Jazz Sargent Aznar, Ash- show their art in a joint exhibition! In addition to enjoying art, you can buy nice prints, T-shirts and get tattooed! Tuesday 30/7 we have a special Pride Flash Day 13-19 hs, the rest of the days there is the possibility of both appointment and drop-in as long as our times last 11-18 hs!

Info om tatuerare och utställare:

-Soledad Aznar- Nonbinary tattoo artist, painter, artisan, engraver and self taught creator. I love creating demons between different elements, objects, and complex textures, somethimes on the border to abstraction, and I get carried away by experimenting with wood engraving and linoleum, playing with various layers of colors, ink and acrylics on different supports.

-Sara Swanson- Tattoo artist who loves diving into her own brain of femmes monsters creatures. Created StaDemonia Tattoo with master and life companion Soledad Rodriguez Aznar in 2005.

-Alex Cfourpo- Non-binary and queer tattoo artist, illustrator, and enjoyer of bike rides.Their artwork primarily consists of line-based designs featuring organic, ornamental, and natural motifs. Their style is characterized by intricate details with high precision, and the occasional minimalistic doodles. They draw inspiration from nature, traditional crafts, societal collapse, and funny animals.

-León Halldén- is a queer non-binary tattoo artist working at StaDemonia in Stockholm. They specialize in illustrative nature and fantasy blackwork tattoos as well as more colourful oil paintings. Leon is driven by their imagination and with their art wishes to bring to life all of the magical places and creatures that they have in their head.

-Jazz E. Sargent Aznar- is a non binary tattoo artist from Barcelona that after two years of being an apprentice in StaDemonia; is now a resident artist. They specialize in high contrast blackwork with graphic characteristics.
They are mainly inspired by the gothic architecture and urban aspects that they were brought up around and that are present in their art in one way or another.

-Ash- Their arts are about dreams, technology, tasty food, roadside scenery, artificial intelligence, unknown civilizations, aliens, and some weird craps played on the Oscilloscope.
They are studying for a PhD in Electronic Engineering and they only work as tattoo artist on Fri & Sat.