Massage x StaDemonia! From now on we will be able to offer massage at StaDemonia once a week -starting with Mondays (flexible depending on time/space), and as usual the initiative comes from our queer community! Zayera Khan offers massage to address muscle aches, specific injuries and body aches. For info and bookings write to [email protected]!

Certified & Diploma Medical Massage Therapist
I offer massage to deal with problems in muscles and specific injuries and pain in the body.

With massage treatment I try to dissolve pain in the muscles and connective tissue (fascia). Both prevention, health care and rehabilitation.

I use different techniques in my treatments such as cupping, hard treatment but also softer touch for the connective tissue.
Massage increases blood circulation in the body and counteracts stress.
Massage accelerates healing and recovery in the body through the physical touch and stimulation of the muscles and connective tissue.

-Massage is not suitable if you are ill. Cancel the massage 24 hours in case you don’t feel well.
-You can buy Friskvårdsbidrag from us and use them for massage treatments.
-The time for the massage is 30 minutes for SEK 400 or 60 minutes for SEK 800.
-When booking, please indicate the desired type of massage: Treatment massage or classic massage.

Graduated Medical Massage therapist, trained at Axelson’s Gymnastics Institute in Stockholm, 2009-2012.
Certified masseuse by the Swedish Massage Industry Council since October 2010.

About Zayera
About me as a person, I am lesbian and queer with a foreign background.
Offers a safe space for body treatments and follows the industry council’s ethical rules.

For LGBTQ people, I offer: try a massage the first time, 30 minutes for SEK 300.