The trans gender group
RFSL Sjuhärad’s trans group is aimed at anyone who identifies themselves as trans and / or non-binary. Even relatives and friends are welcome on these meetings, and for the relatives we rekomend also to visit the Relative’s Group which have meetings every now and then.

To be trans may be that you have a body that somehow does not correspond to how you feel on the inside: if you have a man-coded body but feels like a woman on the inside (TS MtF), or have a woman-coded body but knows you as a man on the inside (TS FtM), or have a body that can neither be coded as a woman or man. In other words – all of you who somehow identify as a transperson or non-binary are extra welcome to this meetings!

The term transpersonal has several subcategories, including transsexual and transvestite. Everyone in the transcategory is welcome.

In our group we have members who undergo a trans-study at the Lundström reception in Alingsås and know from their own experience exactly what it means to be in such a situation. We in the trans-group are almost convinced that there are many out there who recognize themselves in this that body and mind do not match. You who have found this site are perhaps a transperson himself, or a relative who is worried or wondering for a person in your vicinity. It can be about not feeling good in their situation, and it can be about finally having understood what is wrong and how it can be done right.
The most difficult thing about being a transperson can be to dare to show the public who one feels that one really is on the inside. Many are afraid of being met by hatred or threat, or afraid of exclusion or incomprehension. Others may want tips and advice on how to tell and meet questions that come. The trans-group organizes café nights regularly.

See our calendar for information on the next transcafé.

Are you curious about more information? Need support and help? Then you should not hesitate to contact us:
[email protected]