Food and drinks served until 22

The Pride Parade arrive at Pride Park appr. 14.00

On Stage
15.00 Pride Gala
17.00 Lili & Sussie
18.00 Mimmi & Anniemal
19.00 Maxida Märak
20.00 Soleil Camara
21.00 Mykki Blanco (US)

Pride House in Pride Park
Englischsprachige Veranstaltungen im Pride House beim Malmöer Pride:

18 - 19 (ENG) Political Rallies in English and Swedish

20 - 22 Lahazat Sharqiye – Queer Belly Dance
‘Lahazat Sharqiyeʼ is an event that wants to highlight the queer belly dance scene in Malmö. Itʼs called Lahazat “moments” because it is how Middle Eastern people fill up our lives with moments of joy, as an act of resistance to all the difficulties faced in our daily lives. We invite you to stand in our moment, dance with us and take joy.
Lahazat Sharqiye Night will start with a Fusion Belly Dance performance that will lead to an open dance floor, where the DJ plays fusion of Middle Eastern music with electronic beats. So wear your gayest outfit, prepare your zalguta and masbaha and letʼs belly dance!
Belly Dance Fusion is a fusion of movement principles and elements from different styles, mainly Raques Sharki or Belly Dance mixed with other Urban and Folkloric styles.The movement expression depends on the dancers themselves and the style of music they prefer to dance to.
Line Up:
Dina Effrontery; Fusion Belly Dance performer.
Mariam; DJ and music producer.