Andy Warhol is one of the most famous artists of modern time – a constant presence in pop culture, a fixture in modern art museums around the world and a trendsetting visionary. Fotografiska is proud to present the artist from a different perspective beyond Brillo Boxes, Campbell’s Soup Cans and silkscreen prints of Marilyn Monroe:
The photographer, the man, the filmmaker.

I told them that I didn’t believe in art, that I believed in photography. – Andy Warhol (1928–1987), The Andy Warhol Diaries

nsight into how Andy Warhol used his camera as a visual diary. He always carried his camera around, and he used it to document parties, dinners, shopping trips and wrestling matches. Friends, boyfriends and celebrities were other popular subjects.

Fotografiska is exhibiting a mix of iconic Polaroids of famous faces, including Dolly Parton, Keith Haring, Debbie Harry and Jane Fonda, together with photo booth strips, gelatin silver prints and stitched photo collages that formed some of Andy Warhol’s final works of art. His so-called screen test films (featuring Lou Reed and Edie Sedgwick, among others) from the mid-1960s will also be on display.

These photographs add yet another dimension to Andy Warhol, helping us to understand his artistic mind. In some cases, the photographs were used as originals for later creations. We also get a unique look behind the scenes of the vibrant cultural life in New York at the time.

Andy Warhol’s Photo Factory will be an entertaining, experimental and inspiring exhibition to visit.

The exhibition has previously been shown at Fotografiska New York and NeueHouse Hollywood and has been produced in collaboration with Jack Shainman Gallery and James R. Hedges, IV.