This is the official closing party for WorldPride 2021.
Due to current restrictions this event will be divided into three different areas. Pop and lounge area, house area and trance area. You cant as it looks now jump between the tree, but we hope when time comes we can have one big party.
The original opening hours would have been 23-05, but due to restrictions the pop/lounge area will open att 19pm and have a dj until midnight after that there will be lounge music in the bar and close at 2am.
House area is indoors but have a small outside area as well. Open from 20-02.
Trance area is indoors and will have amazing soundsystem and lights. This you don't want to miss! Also open from 20-02.

Pop and lounge:
Performance: Lady Bunny (US)
Dj: Bebulah (SWE) and friends

House area :

Tim Andresen (DK)

Annælix (DK)

Schaarup (DK)

Trance area:
Philipp Drube (DE)

Neri J (DK)

Frank Heise (DE)

We still hope that restrictions vill be eased before 21st august and that we can party until 5am and have one big party instead of three. Either way this party will be fucking fabulous
There will be two different entrances, one for pop/lounge and one for house and trance.