Seminars in English World Pride House in Malmö
(Seminars in Swedish - check under Swedish flag)

09:00 - 11:00 Mental Health in the LGBT+ Community, Room L4 & L5
Mental Health is an integral part of living, and yet it is one of the most discarded and ignored aspects in daily life. This is doubly damaging for the LGBT+ community, who have a harder time to find and receive the necessary support. In this talk we'll discuss mental health in the LGBT+ community, how to support our friends, suicide prevention and the work of QIPS with "Linja e Jetës", Kosova's suicide prevention hotline.
In English

10:00 - 11:00 Fathers Project, Room L7
"Imagine a world where AIDS never happened and our heroes lived. Who would they be? Who would we be? Fathers explores these questions by weaving history, current gatherings and fiction to create a vision of queer utopia.
Written, directed & edited by Leo Herrera.
FATHERS is funded through community support
This screening will be followed by a discussion about the movie project with Leo Herrera..
No fisting, no leather, no sex and no fun at Pride?!
The presence of queer sexual expressions, leather and bdsm at Pride
In this panel, we will discuss the ways in which BDSM, fetischism, leather and other queer sexual expressions are intrinsic parts of queer resistance and history. We will ask why do we hear voices raised wanting to exclude this from pride? Where are these voices coming from, and what purpose do they fill? Looking through the lens of history and the present day with an eye towards the future we will dream of queer desires taking over the streets- everywhere.
In English

14:00 - 15:00 Trans exclusionary feminism in a European perspective, Room L7, and Digital
There is a rise in anti trans sentiments all over Europe. Also in feminist environments. In this discussion we gather activists from different parts of the region to discuss this phenomenon and the impact it has on trans people, politics and society.
In English

16:30 - 18:30 Blind Confessions, Room L4 & L5
"Blind Confessions" is a deep dive into the thoughts and emotions we keep locked away from our loved ones. Here, we provide a safe and open space for those who feel the need to be heard and let the healing begin. All "confessions" are anonymous, which will allow the participants to choose how vulnerable they want to be to the group. We encourage everyone to come with an open heart and mind.
In English and Albanian

17:30 - 18:30 Pride and Prejudice, Room L7
"We bring together two esteemed writers whose work has been groundbreaking. Both Jude Dibia and Aaiún Nin have written beautifully on the queer experience in two African countries at a time when legislation and attitudes towards LGBTQI communities were very hostile. We ask them now about the meaning of World Pride in those places where queer communities are still at risk and, in particular, the role of literature in seeking safety and justice for African queer communities.
Moderated by South African-Canadian Kagiso Lesego Molope, award-winning novelist and playwright.
In English