You are more than welcome to the second Dyke March Stockholm! Together we will be marching on the streets of Stockholm to increase lesbians and queer visibility, with the help of both new and old friends falling in line! We will be meeting up in Tantolunden for mingling and a performance from Uppsala Feministkör (Uppsala Feminist Choir). After that the march takes off through the streets of Södermalm.
Feel free to bring any flags or banners to get your important message out there.

Dyke Marches are a demonstration, not a parade. We want to demonstrate for our rights, for our safety, and for our visibility. The march is a meetings place for everyone who want to fight for lesbian visibility and to stand united against discrimination. It is a march for lesbian and queer people who often aren’t given the same room and attention during the Pride Parade.

To create a safe space for lesbian and queer people, and to take the fight for lesbian visibility to the streets and out in to society as a whole.

Anyone who wants to fight for lesbian rights and visibility is welcome! We base our definition of “lesbian” in that of Lesbisk Makt and welcome anyone who relates to the term lesbian in any way. Lesbian can be an identity, or one can identify oneself as something else but likes to do lesbian things sometimes, or one wants to do lesbian in the future.
Together we can establish a tradition that makes a difference!