Thursday 5.8.2021 at 5pm - 9pm

`Queer Cohesion` is a series of three exhibitions that provides a platform for queer contemporary artists from the Nordic countries. The respective exhibitions carry the following thematics; Collectiveness, Norm-Criticality and Body. The project `Queer Cohesion` is initiated and curated by artists Hinni Huttunen and AnnaLeena Prykäri.

Exhibition series starts with the theme of Collectiveness as the project `Queer Cohesion` is born from the craving for collaboration and discussions, both within the artists and audience. Collectiveness is also vital for the queer communitys existence and survival. The exhibition series then moves forward to Norm-Criticality which is a tool for dismantling different social structures, constraining perspectives and highlighting power hierarchies. The exhibition series is finalised with the thematic of Body that is here seen as a psychical and mental state. The Body can be a catalysator for movement or inanimate objects in space.

`Queer Cohesion` stands for togetherness – solidarity – bonding and sticking together.

The exhibiting artists:
In Each Other`s Company
Karin Keisu & Josse Thuresson
Petronella Petander
AnnaLeena Prykäri
Jafar The Superstar
Whose Museum

Opening hours:
Friday 6.8.: 12 - 6pm
Saturday 7.8.: 12 - 6pm
Sunday 8.8.: 12 - 6pm