The Batteriet Orangeri & Kök is located at the Port Rindö right on the water next to Oxdjupet straight south and overlooking Solöfjärden. We are open all year round and in addition to lunch and dinner we also arrange parties, conferences, catering and events.

Batteriet is a focal point for the whole Rindö and the rest of the immediate area where you can be served food and drinks. You can also buy food and ready meals in our store and deli. In Orangeriet, you can find plants and goods from local producers as well as new and old gadgets.

On Batteriets large outdoor terrace, you sit protected from the weather with one of the best views in Stockholm archipelago.

Batteriet is run by Lotta, Anna, Jenny and Johan and our idea is to offer food, drink and socializing in a relaxed environment where land and sea meet.

Warm Welcome to Batteriet Orangeri & Kök!