No rest for the wicked!
Welcome back to a new season and to this first edition of FAGGOTRY warehouse takeovers. Another day, another slay and we are serving it up in a completely NEW venue for this new decade. & Stay tuned because it’s only gonna get better, dirtier and even faggier - if you can believe it.

This time we have invited local heroes well worth their salt:
⚒BILLIE JO [Work Them Records]⚒
⚒NIMA KHAK [Sand, Parabel] ⚒

Drrrty visuals by Ambra Ambra & Micael de Leeuw
Deco by Laura Candido

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FAGGOTRY is a Stockholm based queer collective with the goal of bringing you inclusiveness and enable self-expression in your own unique way. Sexy house. Fast Techno. Sweaty disco.

Let's have some fun this beat is sick ❤️