Is it possible for Ballet to express the history and background of
dancers whom it has traditionally excluded from representation? By
questioning the traditional value systems of the cis hetero-patriarchy,
the Ballez culture, instead, invites new audiences to witness and
celebrate traditionally ”othered” dancers, through the lens of an
evolving set of values. Can Ballez change Ballet?

New York City based educator, choreographer and dancer Katy Pyle
discusses the dance company, community and class she directs, Ballez.
Ballez is inserting the history, experiences and performances of
lesbian, transgender and queer people into the Ballet canon through the creation of queerly re-imagined story-ballets, classes, and ballet culture.

Katy Pyle is a lesbian choreographer inserting the herstory and lineage of lesbian, queer and transgender people into the ballet canon through the creation of large-scale, collaborative story ballets, open classes, and public engagement. Pyle founded the Ballez in 2011.