We proudly present the big badass celebration of the Pride weekend as it should - with long night, acid disco, hard music, fast dance and of course, pleasure and hedonism.

For this special night we invited the clubs who will entertain your mind, body and your date.

ФOMO at HardDick Floor
Tommy Four Seven
Alva Göranson
Lana del Rave
vj Ambra

KOXБOX at Red Square Floor
Pedram (koxбox)

Slutrave at the Glory Hole Floor
Figkott (DE/GR)
Rasuul (Slut Rave)
Dgeral (Slut Rave)
Lady Blacktronika (L.A/Berlin)
Lauren Flax (US)

Artwork: Malysheva
Photo: Barbiewarm

Tickets and Registration:
stay tuned for updates, coming soon!