We welcome the darkest period with the sweaty event, which you want to remember. We are glad to be able to celebrate the Dirty Lucia with you again, as we did last before Pandemic.
For you to be able to go to our event you should:

1. Read and comply with Code of Conduct

2. Be registered - for On-Time information and the Tickets Mail

3. Prepare your nastiest look, make the saint Lucia wanna leave her heavenly paradise for our hedonistic pleasuredome.

4. Have ID and Vaccination Certification* (see below)

No tickets at the door.

Indoor you will find:
2 floors
Security and ФОМО hosts for fun and safety
Vaccination Pass

*The Health Authority will issue regulations on events on 1st of December. Most likely a vaccination certificate will be required in order to participate.
Please make sure to secure the vaccination certificate and help us to continue be a safe event for everyone.

Questions? Ask us on instagram.com/fomo_club
[email protected]