Welcome to the latest addition to the Gothenburg cruise line.

Now open every Friday and Saturday, then open until 07:00

In the summer of 2017 we performed our latest expansion.

Centrally located, just 5 minutes by tram from the central station (plus a small walk).
With us, it's clean and fresh, we put the cleaning on top of our priority list.
Here you will find a gaycinema, a transcinema and a heterocinema, several private rooms where we show over 1000 different porn movies, glory holes between all rooms, and a Darkroom.
In connection with our Cinema / Cruising, we have a shop where we sell sex toys and porn movies.
Feel free to join our [k = 128423] Qruiser Club 031 Video Shop Cruising [/ k]

Do you want to shop in our webshop and you can find it on [url = http: //www.vuxenkul.se] vuxenkul.se [/ url]