Welcome to Blue Vision - A playground and meeting place for fun-seeking adults!

Blue Vision is a shop/cinema/club that welcome all open-minded people!
It doesn’t matter if You are gay, straight, bi, trans, kinky, a couple, swingers, likes BDSM or fetish. Everyone that is nice and respectful is welcome to us!

We are open every day and have really good opening hours!

We have a big store with good prices, an even bigger cinema/cruising area and also special event area in which we have several theme nights and events each week.

So at Blue Vision you can shop amazing sex toys, have fun in the cinema, meet people, watch porn and just enjoy Yourself! Or You can just swing by and have a cup of coffee.
With our generous opening hours we can promise that we are here for You when You need it!

You find us centrally on Fridhemsplan, Fridhemsgatan 44.
You can easily get here by green or blue subway and buses 1, 3 or 4.

Our 300 sq.m. cinema/cruising area is truly a playground with glory holes, slings, dark room and a lot of both smaller rooms and bigger rooms. For example we have five bigger rooms with big screen TV’s and comfy sofas, four rooms equipped with different types of furniture/sexual aids and also smaller rooms if You want it to be more private. All rooms (besides the dark room) have screens that show movies all the time, in the smaller rooms You can change the movies too, and we usually have more than 100 titles in different genres and we change them once a week.

We also have a nice lounge area where You can get coffee and biscuits for free and sit down and socialise, You can also buy soft drinks and snacks, we try to make our visitors feel as cosy as possible.

Do You want to be nude or change? We have lockable dressing rooms, lockers to rent and towels to borrow.
You can also leave clothes and other items in the wardrobe at the reception for safekeeping during Your visit.

The shop:
We have a big range at the best prices in Stockholm!
Sex toys, BDSM tools, clothes, lube, massage oils, cleaning products, 100s of movies and loads of other fun stuff!

We carry a lot of famous brands and almost everyone can find something they like in our shop, from vibrators, dildos, buttplugs, mastrubators and condoms to quality BDSM tools and electroplay toys!
Our vast range, good prices and generous opening hours makes Blue Vision to the perfect sex toy shop in Stockholm!
Just come on in and browse through our big store, the staff will be happy to help You and answer all Your questions!

So if You are in a dire need (we all now how frustrating that can be!) of lube, a toy or maybe a gagball in the middle of the night - We are here for You!

Event area:
In the event area we have the biggest bed in Stockholm, two sex slings, a BDSM cross (st Andrews cross), a fuck machine (Cow Girl) and a lot of other fun stuff! There is of course two screens with porn in the event area as well, where a big number of movies are shown all the time.
We also have a room where You can show Yourself to the other cinema visitors through a wall made of bars and depending on what You want and how close to the bars You go the other visitors can join in, or You can keep out of their range.
This opportunity is especially loved by our exhibitionists and voyeurists and it’s definitely a room that is very appreciated by most of our visitors no matter which side of the bars they are on!

Our event area is open to all visitors most days but with the exception for the theme nights or when people rent the area.

During our theme nights the event area is only open specifically for those who visit the event and are included in the group that the event is made for. This means that the rest of the visitors aren’t allowed into the event area during the event, but the ones that are at the event can use the event area as well as the rest of the cinema.

Our event area is also available to rent, for more private events, swingers, GB, yeah for almost anything actually! You can also contact us if You have any specific wishes or thoughts and we will try to accommodate Your needs!

Theme nights:
Wednesdays 20.00 - 01.00 - Couples
Thursdays 20.00 - 02.00 - Naked
Saturdays 20.00 - 02.00 - Couples