Nämä tapahtuvat sopivat myös kävijöille jotka eivät taida ruotsia. Nähdäksesi koko ohjelman vaihda QueerMap ruotsinkieliseksi

12:00-18:00 Art Gallery open

15:00 - 15:45 How employees make change in the diversity and inclusion area.
Come join us and get inspired by our work done by the different employee-led resource groups in Nordea (LGBT+ and Allies; Cross-Cultural/Internationals; Gender Balance; Ability Variations; and Cross-Generations) to create equality and inclusion. How we team up together to reach our goals to support Nordea’s values in the multiple dimensions of diversity and inclusion. How do we create curiosity and engagement and really make a difference in the organisation and the society? Please bring your thoughts and ideas - we would also like to get inspired by you. Warm welcome. Moderator: Åsa Nilsson Billme, Head of D&I in Nordea.

Why are there so many LGBT monuments across the globe -- from USA to Vienna to Germany to Spain to Austrlia -- but none in the Nordic region? A monument as a tribute to LGBT people discriminated, imprisoned and executed over the millennium -- not just in the Nazi concentration camps but years after -- and centuries before. A monument standing as a place for memorials and ceremonies -- long after the Pride parade has passed and is forgotten.

BILL SCHILLER -- an American-born Swede who received asylum in Sweden during the Vietnam war. Worked several decades as a radio journalist for Radio Sweden's English-language service untill retirement.
Worked for years for RFSL (including as international secretary), and for the ILGA Information Secretariat those years it was based in Stockholm, and for years to convince Swedish Amnesty and other Amnesty sections to finally adopt homosexual prisoners.
Also helped start the ILGCN -- the international rainbow culture network -- when ILGA refused to deal with rainbow culture as "hindering" the work with law reform.
Today both Tupilak and the ILGCN work together with seminars, performances, art exhibits, musical events, film screenings, etc. and now the coming October 6th Nordic Rainbow History & Culture Month and the campaign for LGBT Monuments in the Nordic zone.

17:00 - 18:00 To flee from your country to be able to be yourself
Can also be seen by Pride Stream

17:00 - 18:00 QueerBachata FOR MEN!
The Sweden’s got Talent 2021 jury loved the dance routine performed by Peter & Johan. Now they are here to teach EVERYBODY WHO IDENTIFIES AS A MAN the fantastic partner dance bachata.
Everybody gets to learn both how to follow and how to lead and everybody dances with everybody else. Powerful moves as well as lyrical ones. No need to bring a partner. Welcome! First time dancing with another man - even more welcome!